Cross Ram Support WSK-K

Cross Ram Support for cross ramming, a technique to create space when parts of the vehicle are deformed and obstruct a safe patient extrication. With the help of a ram the car construction is pushed back into its original shape. The set of two supports helps you to distribute the force of the ram over a larger area and prevents it from pushing through the car construction.
  • A stable and non-slip base
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Can be used in different orientations
  • Suitable to use with all rescue rams available on the market
  • To help you work safer and easier
  • Pictures
  • Technical specification
    • Max. load: 16 KN
      Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 85 mm
      Weight: 9,50 kg
      Production technology: Welded
      Material: Carbon steel 10 mm thic
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