Steel 1500

Versatile rescue struts
Versatile stabilisation applications. Patented solutions like e.g. exchangeable head, additional fixing points and option to connect 2 or 3 struts to make bipod and tripod offer huge number of configurations.
Designed by firefighters for firefighters supported by many years of experience, simple and intuitive use.
Patented “Slide-Stop” base design
Unique base design makes allows for the strut to self-re-adjust after the stabilised object is lifted during rescue action without losing stability of the whole rescue scene. Base design also ensures good fixing to the ground even in case of insufficient tension of the fastening belts.
Patented head design
Large contact surface of the strut with the stabilised object regardless of the angle. Special 'teeth' design of the strut’s head ensures excellent adherence even to flat surfaces. Allows using a special notch to hold the strut directly against the edges or additionally fasten objects using chains.
Exchangeable heads
Struts can be connected together using special head attachments to make bipod or tripod.
Integrated fastening belt with 6 fixing points
Integrated fastening belt with hooks allows to fix the strut in any possible configuration or connect struts together for proper stabilisation of objects of various shapes and sizes.
Easy adjustable length
Thanks to a specifically designed telescopic mechanism strut can be extended easily and quickly as needed.

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