Introducing AttackPRO VRS

Firefighters face some of the most challenging and dangerous conditions imaginable. In the midst of smoke, flames, and intense heat, having the right tools can mean the difference between life and death. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in thermal imaging technology: AttackPRO VRS.

Designed with Firefighters, for Firefighters

AttackPRO VRS is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in thermal imaging. Built upon the foundation of the beloved AttackPRO Series, this new iteration incorporates feedback and insights from firefighters in the field. The result? A tool that combines everything you love about AttackPRO with new features tailored to enhance safety and efficiency.

What's New?

AttackPRO VRS brings several exciting enhancements to the table:

  1. Video Recording: Now, firefighters can capture critical footage directly from the scene. With up to 5 hours of video storage on AttackPRO's 32GB internal drive, every moment can be documented for analysis and training purposes.
  2. Higher Temperature Detection: With a detection range extended up to 650°C, AttackPRO VRS ensures that no heat source goes unnoticed. From smoldering embers to raging infernos, this device provides clear visibility in the hottest environments.
  3. Survey Mode: Enhance size-up and overhaul operations with Survey Mode. Quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions with early temperature colorization.

Unparalleled Performance

AttackPRO VRS maintains the exceptional image quality, durability, and affordability that firefighters have come to expect from the AttackPRO Series. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Mixed Gain with SV1 Image Optimization: See the hottest and coolest regions of the scene simultaneously without freezing or switching gain modes. Details are enhanced with SV1, ensuring clear visibility of both fire and crew in one detailed image.
  • Durable, Waterproof Design: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, AttackPRO VRS boasts an IP67 rating and 2-meter drop resistance. Whether battling flames or navigating through debris, this device is up to the task.
  • Wide Field of View: With a 57-degree field of view, firefighters can easily scan large areas to identify hazards or locate victims in seconds. Every second counts in an emergency, and AttackPRO VRS ensures that no time is wasted.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: With greater than 6 hours of continuous thermal imaging, AttackPRO VRS keeps firefighters powered up throughout even the longest shifts. Say goodbye to worries about running out of battery when you need it most.

Get Started with AttackPRO VRS Today

Each AttackPRO VRS kit includes the camera, 2 batteries, and a charging dock, providing everything you need to hit the ground running. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rookie firefighter, AttackPRO VRS is the ultimate tool for enhancing situational awareness, improving safety, and saving lives.


At Seek Thermal, we're committed to empowering firefighters with the tools they need to tackle any challenge with confidence. With AttackPRO VRS, we're taking thermal imaging to new heights, enabling firefighters to see more, do more, and ultimately, save more lives. Experience the difference for yourself and discover why AttackPRO VRS is the preferred choice for firefighters around the world.

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  • Technical specification
    • Thermal Sensor

      320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)
      Detection Distance 0,3 to 305 m

      Field of View

      Wide, 57 Degree FOV
      Temperature Range -4 to 1,022F (-20 to 650C)
      Operating Temp -4 to 131F (-20 to 15C) No time limit

      Operating Temp (10min)

      -4 to 302F (-20 to 150C) Up to 10 minutes

      Operating Temp (2min)

      -4 to 500F (-20 to 260C) Up to 2 minutes

      Frame Rate

      >25 Hz FastFrame

      IP Rating

      IP67 Waterproof


      300 Lumen LED
      Display 3.5” Color with Corning® Gorilla® Glass

      Thermal Sensitivity

      < 35 mK

      User Interface

      On Device 2 tactile button operation

      Temp. Display Scale

      Fahrenheit or Celsius

      Image Modes

      3 Options (TIBASIC-default, TIBASIC+, SURVEY)
      Battery >6 Hours Thermal Imaging (w/o flashlight); >3hrs
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