Magnetic Leak Patch

Magnaseal is a unique patented magnetic urethane sheet that is the quickest, safest, most effective and efficient way to stop or prevent leaks of hazardous materials. Can be applied anywhere from a derailed rail car, to a pipeline, a corroded tank, or even a punctured barrel.
Protection of the responder & environment
Using Magnaseal products minimises the need of responder’s direct contact with the leaking product during application as opposite to traditional methods. Magnaseal products also help minimise soil and water contamination affecting human, animal, and marine life.
Cost reduction
Magnaseal products are a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of a spill i.e. cost of clean-up, loss of product, downtime, fines, and litigation.
Fast & easy application
Stops hazardous leaks in seconds significantly quicker than traditional methods. Improves safety and response time. Can be applied by one person by throwing, using pike pole etc. even before the emergency response team arrives. Can be repositioned if necessary.
High chemical resistance
Successfully tested against 25 of the most commonly transported and used chemicals at their highest concentration for double the length of a typical test. Optional peel & stick Teflon sheet can be applied to further improve chemical resistance in extreme situations.
High quality strong rare earth magnets
Hold guaranteed up to 1,72 bar (25 PSI) of pressure. No noticeable loss of strength of magnets for many decades. Comes with dedicated bag to stop magnetic pull for easy storing in emergency response vehicle or a spill kit.
High quality & flexible material
Does not deteriorate over time. Can be fitted concave or convex. High thermal resistance
Patented design
Patented way to encompass rare earth magnets with urethane. This protects the magnets from direct heat, cracking, rusting, sparking etc.
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    • 5 available sizes:

      LP050008M 20,32 x 20,32 x 1,59 cm, 1 x D-Ring, 1 x Strap 2,27 kg
      LP050012M 30,48 x 30,48 x 1,59 cm, 4 x D-Ring, 2 x Strap 4,54 kg
      LP050018M 45,72 x 45,72 x 1,59 cm, 4 x D-Ring, 2 x Strap 13,61 kg
      LP050024M 60,96 x 60,96 x 1,59 cm, 4 x D-Ring, 2 x Strap 22,68 kg
      LP050036M 91,44 x 91,44 x 1,59 cm, 4 x D-Ring, 2 x Strap 40,82 kg
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