Sorbi Sorbent Pillows

Sorbent cushion for storing and transporting of harmful, toxic or dangerous fluids and gases and materials (acids, solvents, oils, paints, explosives, batteries etc.) as a combination of sorbing agent with shock absorber and fire protector.
  • Exceptional sorbing properties
  • Fire resistance to very high temperatures
  • High insulation temperature Non-toxic, chemically neutral
  • Resistant to fungi and mold
  • No deterioration over time
  • Lightweight and space saving
  • Fire protector and shock absorber for dangerous goods during transport and storage
  • Protection against spillage of harmful chemicals during transport and storage Increases resistance to high temperatures
  • Protection against self-ignition
  • Non-toxic, chemically neutral and unlimited shelf life
  • Does not significantly increase the weight of transported or stored goods thanks to low bulk density and weight

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