Non-Magnetic Sewer Cower

Magnaseal sewer cover is a unique patented non-magnetic urethane sheet that is flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin, high chemical resistant, space-saving and re-usable solution designed to protect sewers from leaks of hazardous materials.
Protection of the responder & environment
Magnaseal products minimise soil and water contamination affecting human, animal, and marine life.
Cost reduction
Magnaseal products are a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of a spill i.e. cost of clean-up, loss of product, downtime, fines, and litigation.
Fast & easy application
Stops hazardous leaks effectively in seconds. Improves safety and response time.
High chemical resistance
Successfully tested against 25 of the most commonly transported and used chemicals at their highest concentration for double the length of a typical test.
High quality, flexible & ultra-thin material
Ensures complete drain coverage without air gaps and without the need to apply weight to hold it down. Does not deteriorate over time. Can be stored rolled up and will easily return to flat. High thermal resistance.

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