Leader TIC 3.3

Efficient and versatile because of its 3 action buttons, the NFPA Leader TIC 3.3X thermal imaging camera is particularly suitable for indoor fire attacks.
Combined with its compact size (938g), this TIC has all the important features for fire operations (5 colouring modes, Video recording, Photo shooting, Laser pointer, Zoom, etc.) It incorporates an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor (17μ Silicon Amorphous aSi 384 x 288), a germanium window to protect the internal electronics and a wide-angle lens (H 51° V 40°).
Leader TIC 3.3X thermal imaging camera has the status of a fire attack camera and is ideal for fire operations, search for missing persons and areas on fire.
Also, an optional wireless transmission kit can be plugged for live image streaming on 3 digital supports (mobile, tablet, computer) at the same time! This is useful for training purpose or special ops.
Certifications: CE and NFPA1801:2018 and ISA12.12.01 / CSA C22.2 N°213
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    • Type Firefighting camera
      Dimensions 170 x 148 x 93 mm
      Weight 938g with 2 batteries
      Screen 3,5"
      Range of T°C -40°C to +1150°C
      Colouring 3 to 5 modes (Fire/Search/Inverse/Cold/Multicolour)
      Functions ON/OFF, Choice of colouring, Still image and/or Photo shooting (option), Video recording (option), Photo/video playback (option), Zoom, Laser pointer (option)
      Batteries LiFePO4 designed for high T°C (fire safety)
      Autonomy Up to 8h with 2 batteries
      Protection Germanium lens to protect the optical system
      Start Less than 5 sec.
      Button x3 large-sized for use with gloves
      Sensor Type 17μ Amorphous Silicon aSi
      Sensor Resolution 384 x 288
      Warranty Camera 5 years, Batteries 6 years, Sensor 10 years
      NFPA NFPA1801:2018 certified


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