Rescue tool JAWZ


Engineered from the original LIFELINE® Tactical RESCUE tool with the help of world-class master diver Jeff Hirschman and a local Law Enforcement Emergency Services Unit, JAWZ™ is the only underwater self-rescue tool of its kind. From ice diving to the toughest underwater urban environments, JAWZ™ performed exceptionally well. Its fluorescent handles with military blackout options make it the perfect tool for underwater life saving, low visibility, emergency and survival situations. JAWZ™ comes with the LIFELINE™ sheath whose unique design offers options for various access points and smooth one-handed disengagement without any mechanical manipulation.

GEN 3 JAWZ™ Titanium features signature American Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy (which is a high strength, titanium alloy) with new ultra-bright fluorescent phosphorescent handles and sheath for maximum visibility underwater. Innovative design and unique manufacturing process results in a multi-functional solution for search and rescue divers as well as military and survival applications. There is no comparable dive tool like this on the market.


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Marcin Łaszczewski - Export Manager
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      • Co-Developed with various Law Enforcement Emergency Services Units
      • 3/16-Inch Thick Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy
      • Corrosion Resistant Thermo Plastic Sheath With Innovative Single-Handed Release
      • Innovative Cutting Surface Comprised of a Highly Sharpened Blade Area that Blends Into Aggressive Serrations and cutting surface on the spine of the tool
      • Specifically designed to easily cut through all materials commonly encountered under water, such as fishing line, netting, rope, etc.
      • Lifeline’s Ultra-bright Fluorescent Yellow Handles for Increased Visibility
      • Optional: Retractor to Prevent Underwater Drops
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