eWXT rams

The LUKAS rescue rams not only impress with a convincing lifting power, a particularly firm grip thanks to the "claw geometry" and a particularly long stroke, they can also be used flexibly. For example, our telescopic rescue cylinders are available in three different lengths, which can be used as required.

Leight and compact design with full power values. The eWXT is also a fluid-protected ram. Operations in heavy rain, floods or even under water are no problem, because it is waterproof. Matching the series are the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue batteries with the longest operating time in the industry.

  • New brushless motor
  • Newly developed axial piston pump
  • Doubling of working time due to newly developed 9Ah battery
  • Can work for up to 60 minutes in 3 m deep fresh water
  • Battery change under water possible
  • Constant working speed through electronic speed control
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    •   R 522 eWXT R 521 eWXT R 520 eWXT


      Telescopic cylinder Telescopic cylinder Telescopic cylinder
      Dimensions:  627 x 149 x 327 mm 579 x 140 x 327 mm 502 x 140 x 327 mm
      Extended length: 1503 mm 1359 mm 1126 mm
      Retracted length: 876 mm 780 mm 624 mm
      Lifting force, piston 1: 28.600 lbf. 28.600 lbf. 28.600 lbf.
      Lifting force, piston 2:  13.500 lbf. 13.500 lbf. 13.500 lbf.
      Piston stroke, piston 1: 451 mm 403 mm 325 mm
      Piston stroke, piston 2: 425 mm 377 mm 299 mm
      Mass: 20,3 kg 41,9 lbs 17,2 kg
      Protection class:   IP 58 IP 58 IP 58


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