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The eWXT combi tool is the LUKAS all-rounder: Particularly powerful with impressive spreading path, longer cutting edges and "Shark-Tooth Technology". Leight and compact design with full power values. The eWXT is also a fluid-protected combi tool. Operations in heavy rain, floods or even under water are no problem, because it is waterproof. Matching the series are the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue batteries with the longest operating time in the industry.

  • New brushless motor
  • Newly developed axial piston pump
  • Doubling of working time due to newly developed 9Ah battery
  • Can work for up to 60 minutes in 3 m deep fresh water
  • Battery change under water possible
  • Constant working speed through electronic speed control
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    •   SC 758 eWXT SC 358 eWXT SC 258 eWXT
      Dimensions:  987 x 266 x 253 mm 876 x 235 x 253 mm 792 x 210 x 253 mm
      EN Cutting capacity:      1J-2K-3K-4K-5K 1I-2J-3I-4J-5J 1G-2F-3F-4F-5G


      52,9 lbs

      18,4 kg

      14,4 kg

      NFPA cutting classes:   A8, B9, C9, D9, E9, F5 A7, B8, C7, D8, E7, F4 A6, B6, C6, D7, E7
      Round steel up to:  1,58 in. 1.38 in. 1,02 in.
      Cutting force up to:     198.955 lbf. 110.600 lbf. 63.000 lbf.
      Protection class:  IP 58 IP 58 IP 58
      Spreading force 25 mm inward tip: 9.667 lbf. 8.543 lbf. 7200 lbf.
      Spreading force up to: 337.230 lbf. 337.230 lbf. 157.000 lbf.
      Spreading distance: 18,7 in. 14,5 in. 12,6 in.
      Pulling force up to: 21.132 lbf. 13.714 lbf. 7640 lbf.
      Pulling distance: 13,4 in. 15 in.  


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