FM Portable Hand Hygiene Station

We all know that clean hands help protecting against infection with Coronavirus. Good hand hygiene involves regular washing with soap and warm water, and drying thoroughly afterwards. According to WHO washing hands is more effective than just rubbing-in hand sanitiser. Especially when hands are dirty or greasy. Furthermore excessive use of hand sanitisers can also cause dry irritated skin because of high alcohol content.

However there are places where stationary hand washing facilities are unavailable or cannot be installed, places without access to hot water, sewage or running water supply.
That is where FIRE-MAX Portable Hand Hygiene Station comes handy.
It is excellent solution for key access points to all type of businesses, institutions, venues as well as medical tents, emergency shelters, temperature screening points, temporary quarantine areas, temporary transportation hubs, public transport, food or parcel handling and distribution points, medical supplies warehouses, emergency housing for homeless, constructions sites, factories and plants, public institutions etc.


Our Portable Hand Hygiene Station can be installed in Fire Trucks and other vehicles, mobile units and platforms of any type.

FIRE-MAX Portable Hand Hygiene Station is easy to set-up and ready to work in minutes. It is heavy-duty and made from high-quality, durable materials.

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  • Technical specification
    • Power supply 5000 W 1f-230V
      Water flow ok. 2 l/min
      Water heating 35-40 OC
      Water supply pressure 2-6 bar
      Waste water pump efficiency 130 l/min
      Waste water pumping distance min 20 m
      Dimensions (W x D x H) 580 x 700 x 1350 mm
      Weight 35 kg


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