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Ultra Light Strut

  The Ultra Light strut is the lightest stabilizing strut on the market, twice as lighter than steel!
Ultra Light Strut is made of light aluminium alloy. Applied technical solutions, supported by many years of experience, guarantee simple and intuitive service.
Excellent durability - the strut carries a load of 1000 kg with a safety factor of 1: 5.
Specially designed head:
  • ensures a large contact surface of the strut with the stabilized object regardless of the clearance angle,
  • thanks to the special 'teeth' it adheres well even to flat surfaces,
  • allows using a special notch to hold the strut directly against the edges or additionally fasten objects with chains.
   Telescopic length change - thanks to a special mechanism, it is possible to extend the strut without moving the locking mechanism.
   Integrated fastening belt with hooks - allows any configuration of the strut fixing system for the stabilized object.
Universal resistance-sliding base:
  • makes it possible to follow the strut behind the lifted and stabilized object,
  • additionally blocks the movement that moves the supports away from the object, even in the case of insufficient tension of the fastening.


More information:   Krzysztof Szukiłowicz - Sales Director
                               phone  +48 22 578 84 00
                               mobile  +48 603 370 290

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  • Technical specification
      lenght:   1100 mm to 1850 mm
      load:   1000 kg
      lenght of the belt:   5 m
      weight:   7,78 kg only!
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